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Youth 青少年Youth Group theme: TransitionsEveryone grades 7-12 is welcome to join us! Meet in the sanctuary.Tim 1/3/17
Small Group South
Small Group WestAfter a hiatus, we're starting to meet again at church in the North SanctuaryMike 2/10/17
Small Group at ChurchJamesWe finished studying James. Over the summer we will meet for fellowship and discussion.We meet in Room W147 at T4C on Fridays from 7:30-9:30pm. Everyone's welcome to join us!Mike 6/9/17
AT Small GroupWe meet on Saturday evenings, every other week.
Young Adults-West
Young Adults (New Brighton)Book of Acts Lilian Tang 12/6/16
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Caleb 迦勒Pray: good health and spiritual growth for our elderly members.
we'll have Christmas luncheon and celebration on December 11 meeting.Shirley Tong 12/6/2016
Agape 仁爱使徒行传 ActsPray: embeding God's words in our hearts and lives; knowing what we are saved and saved for; discovering the diving presence of Jesus.
禱告: 敦促我們紮根于神的話語;明白我們為何得救及得救之目的;體驗耶穌基督神聖的同在。
Acts was selected for fellowship Bible Studay starting from July 07, 2017.Edward Wang 07/06/2017
Joy 喜樂以 赛 亚 书 IsaiahGene Ku 07/06/2017
Living Water 活水尼西米記 Book of NehemiahPray: - Spiritual growth for new believers in our group.
- Changed fellowship format: Encourage more interaction between brothers and sisters. Allow more time for bible study
Strawberry picking in Spring, fishing trip/weekend trip. Group family visitingNicole 6/10/16
New Life 新生命Luke 路加福音Thanksgiving: Brothers and sisters grow closer together with love. Prayers: unity in Christ and spiritual breakthrough. 感恩:弟兄姐妹在愛中彼此更近連接。 禱告:弟兄姊妹繼續在基督里合一、成聖。Recite Ephesians. "Family Together" fellowships on fifth Fridays. Prayer meetings on Sunday afternoons. Summer Retreat on 7/29. 背誦以弗所書;第5個星期五晚上以“全家一起敬拜”的方式進行團契;主日下午禱告會;7月29日夏季退修會。

夏季退修會時間:7月29日星期六,9am- 5:30pm



教材使用:You Can Change: God's Transforming Power for Our Sinful Behavior and Negative Emotions By Tim Chester


費用:$20/有小孩的家庭; $10/沒有小孩的家庭或個人。
Peter Li, 7/6/2017
Life Spring Campus Fellowship
Pray: Ask God to keep brothers and sisters often have a heart to Lord, and unity in Chris
Life Spring Campus Fellowship Summer Retreat
Topic : Love
Speaker : Stephen Mma Pastor
Time/Date : 06/23/2017 - 06/25/2017
Address : ARC Retreat

题目 : 爱
讲员 : 马天岚牧师
时间 : 06/23/2017 - 06/25/2017
地点 : ARC Retreat
Xiaoming Fan 6/7/2017
West Family Fellowship
Beginint in October 2016, we are going to study the book "Couples of the Old Testament" by Dale and Sandy Larsen.Pray for members' physical health and strength (most of our members are at the golden stage) and continue spiritual growth. Cathy Lai 07/07/2017
Southwest District 西南區Studying Galatians Chapter 5Pray: God will continue to use His own words to attract and feed us.
Pray: Share gospel to unbelievers
Winston Zheng 05/04/17
Good News 佳音 我们看了冯秉诚YouTube见证,电影“盼望”,上周五开始学习“为什么要信”福音书。感恩:郭建军,沈林妹夫妇决志;同工们同心合一服侍主;
Most of us will help at Northeast Family Fellowship on April 8. We will also use this opportunity to tell more people about Good News fellowship.Jennifer Tang 4/2/2017
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Cantonese 粵語
Cantonese Career 就业Pray for new members and direction; many members have moved away and we only have a few core members.
Student 學生以弗所書 EphesianPray: Pray that god will bring more newcomer the coming fall, pray for the future of our graduates, safe travel for our members. Thank God for Candy and Max becoming counselors of the fellowship and help us on our spiritual growth. Pray that our brothers and sisters will continue serving God with passion.3/10 查經: 以弗所書 三章 3/17: 生命團契CSF聯合晚餐聚會 3/24 查經: 以弗所書 四章 3/31: Movie NightMax 3/7/2017
Song of Songs 雅歌Prayer and sharing
Purpose Driven Life Group Study 標竿人生
Pray: spiritual growth, wisdom to raise our children in God's way, and a heart to reach out to others. 
Thanks: Two new families visiting our outreach gethering 
代禱: 靈命的成長,有智慧按神的教導去教養孩童,和更多接觸關懷他人。
Will finish our study topic: Purpose Driven Life in April.
4/15/17 Easter Egg Hunt

Sai 01/04/2017
Grace 加恩Joshua 約書亞記Pray: nonbelievers in fellowship will accept our Lord. Help brothers and sisters to grow in the Lord. Outreach non-belevers. Train b/s to lead bible study or other programs
代禱: 未信主朋友能接受福音, 信主弟兄姐妹靈命的成長, 帶領未信主加入, 培訓新人帶查經和聚會。
7/28: Prayer night 禱告夜 8/19: 男女老幼做義工下午 (Feed my starving Children) 9/8 姊妹和弟兄分別聯誼 Flora 7/8/17
Life 生命End Times by Paul Stevens
Pray: LF brothers and sisters serving in different capacities
in the church
Tony Wong 2/6/2017
Fung Sing 豐盛Pray: Good health for our elderly members.
7/22/2017 T4C supported missonaries in TaiwanVelma Wong 7/6/2017
Chong Yuen 狀元Friday nights - From March of 2017 we begin to study the book of Jacob 星期五晚聚會 - 從2017年3 月開始研讀「信心之旅 - 雅各生平」 Pray: God give coworkers strength, wisdom and serve with a thankful heart. Calling for more willing to serve. 求神賜同工們力量、智慧和帶著感恩的心事奉。興起更多願意委身事奉的團友。Esther Wong 7/11/2017
South Suburban 南區Pray: Bring up more brothers and sisters to serve with passion and love. We're thankful for new comers continuously to join our monthly meeting and pray for those who has a desire to know the Lord and His word.
代禱:培養更多弟兄姊妹願意用愛心事奉. 感恩每次聚會繼續有新人參加, 求神讓他們有渴望的心去認識神的話語。
7/9 主題: 數算主恩Count your blessings 8/13 picnic户外燒烤活動Sandy Wong 7/6/2017
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