Room Booking Instructions


  1. Please do not book more than you have to
  2. Do not book rooms “just in case”.  Only book a room if you are completly sure you are going to have an event.
  3. Rooms are NOT on a first come first serve basis.  If there is an important event that supersedes your meeting, you may have to find an alternative room.
  4. Be kind and flexible.  We are of the same church body working for the same goals.  If someone asks for the room and you are able to accommodate, please help them out.


  1. Rooms can be booked by simply visiting  
  2. Once the password is entered, the page looks like this:


The user has the option of selecting a room or equipment reservation.  For the room booking, simply select the room that you wish to book. (Items in gray cannot be booked)

  1.  The user is then presented with this page where they can enter in their information.  To select the date, simply select it on the calendar.  Previously reserved timeslots are grayed out.

roombooking_calendar4. An email will be sent to the provided email address with links to cancel or change the booking if needed.  It looks like the following: