The following tables have contact information for the church staff, board of deacons, and board of trustees.

Note that these addresses are NOT to be used for solicitation or business-related purposes!

Ministers and Staff
Mandarin PastorRev. Stephen MmaPastor.Mma@tcccc.org
English PastorRev. Michael GinMike.Gin@tcccc.org
Cantonese PastorRev. Gregory HarPastor.Har@tcccc.org
Youth PastorMinister Tim HaasTim.Haas@tcccc.org
Director of Children's MInistryJody TellersJody.Tellers@tcccc.org
Administrative AssistantMrs. Liping Hucontact@tcccc.org
ElderElder Samuel Ngelder.sam.ng@tcccc.org
ElderElder Lewis Ngelder.lewis.ng@tcccc.org
ElderElder Ivan Luielder.ivan.lui@tcccc.org
ElderElder Tike-Ching Wongelder.tike.wong@tcccc.org
ElderElder Marcus Tzeelder.tze@tcccc.org
Chairperson 主席Gregory Cutler 柯澤瑞chair@tcccc.org
Vice Chair/Membership 副主席/會員Sharon Tong 湯麗霞vice_chair@tcccc.org, membership@tcccc.org
Secretary/Fellowship 秘書/團契Ming dong 董明secretary@tcccc.org, fellowship@tcccc.org
Buildings and Ground 房地產Alfred Wong 黃超明building@tcccc.org
Resources 資源Gideon Yong 楊丞堃resources@tcccc.org
Finance 財務秘書Julie Wong 黃惠雲finance@tcccc.org
Treasurer 財政司庫Rita Kao 陳聖琪treasurer@tcccc.org
Missions 宣教Vincent Chan 陳強missions@tcccc.org
Human Resources 人事Andy Law 劉我心personnel@tcccc.org
MembersJohn Kaotrustees@tcccc.org
Elder Lewis Ng
Colin Chan
Ronald Wong
Last update: 05/19/17