Guidelines for Sermon and other Presentations at T4C

Sermons or other presentations at T4C sometimes poses different challenges that may not be obvious.  The following are a set of guidelines that can help make sure everything goes smoothly.

Specifically for Sermons:

  • By the Tuesday before you speak, please provide us your sermon title and text, main points, and suggested (if any) worship songs
  •  The English service preaching time is 30 min (including opening and closing prayer). We usually will read the scripture text ahead of time.
  • Typically we read from the ESV Bible but can use a different version if you prefer.  Please specify beforehand if you have a different preference.
  • A wireless headset mic (it is almost invisible) is available for you to use.  A traditional mic is also available.  You can let us know the day of with your preference.
  • It is preferable for you to email the PowerPoint (if you are planning on using it) to us a few days beforehand.  However, if necessary, you can bring the PowerPoint on a USB stick the day of.  (USB sticks tend to get lost or forgotten)


General guidelines for both Sermons and Presentations:

  • Set your PowerPoint to a 4:3 ratio.  If your presentation shows up in a widescreen format, the word size will be smaller and you will not be able to maximize the space on the screen.
    • To change this in PowerPoint, simply go to the design tab and under the customize group, select the screen size button.  From the drop down menu, you can select Standard (4:3). A more detailed guide can be found here.

Slide Size button within the Design tab of the Ribbon   Slide Size drop-down gallery

  • The minimum font size for the presentation should be 28pt.  However we would recommend 32 pt if you can fit it
  •  Generally it is easier for the congregation to read light text on a dark background. (i.e. black background with white words)
  • We can either advance the slides for you or provide you with a remote presenter if you wish to advance the slides yourself.  Please let us know.