Fellowships and Small Groups

Small groups meet at various locations throughout the twin cities.

Fellowship groups are a larger format gathering filled with people that share a common life stage and language.

Come check us out and feel free to email the various leaders for more details.

Youth Group

Friday Night Youth group meets every week.


Small Groups


Meeting Time & Place
T4C Youth Grouptim.haas@tcccc.orgFri @ 7:30 - 9:30 pm
T4C, South Sanctuary
Teens from all congregations in grades 7-12 who meet for games, worship, a lesson, small groups and various activities to build each other up and reach out to others. The service is in English, but translation can be provided.9/7/2017
Young AdultsSamuel Chu & Cat Yong
samiam.chu@gmail.com, catherine.y.yong@gmail.com
Wed @ 7:00 pm
(North Metro)
Young adults & grad students gathering for Bible study, fellowship and building accountability. And snacks, lots of snacks! We use the Inductive Bible Study method to conduct our Bible studies. We are currently going through some of the minor prophets in the OT10/9/2017
Young Adults-West Vince & Gloria Low
Thursdays @ 7:00 pm
(Golden Valley)
Young adults gathering for Bible study, prayer and fellowship.
Young Adults-NorthNathanael Chan
Every other weekend
Young adults gathering for Bible study, fellowship and a meal.6/7/2017
LAFS (Looking at Faith Sideways) - Book ClubKristen Prillwitz & Lilian Tang
kprillwitz@gmail.com, lilianst@gmail.com
Once a month on Mon @ 7:00 pm
A women's book club that reads a wide variety of literature and seeks to view the literature in light of our faith and our faith in light of the literature.9/12/2017
SouthMike & Jody Tellers
Thurs @ 7:30 pm
Various ages and life-stages. Meeting weekly for encouragement and fellowship via a shared meal, Bible study/lesson, sharing, and prayer.
WestKenny & Abigail Yueh
Fri @ 7:30-9:30 pm
T4C, North Sanctuary
Various ages and life-stages. Children and teens can attend programs running concurrently at church.2/10/2017
NorthIvan Lui
Fri nights
(North Metro)
Adults meeting for Bible study, sharing, prayer and fellowship. Childcare available.
CentralMike & Jeanne Gin
Fri @ 7:30 - 9:30 pm
T4C Room W147
Various ages and life-stages meeting for Bible discussions, prayer and fellowship. Children and teens can attend programs running concurrently at church.
English DistrictBecky Windham
3rd Sat of month @ 6:15 pm
Various ages and life-stages who meet for dinner, stimulating discussion and encouragement.
Good NewsZhengnian and Jennifer Tang
Fri @ 7:30 - 9:30 pm
T4C Room W149
Manderin speaking adults who do not know Jesus, or who have heard Jesus but have not yet made a commitement.
We have started the book of John in September.
Last update: August 2017


Group Name 小組名稱
Contact 聯絡
Meeting Time 聚會時間
Location 聚會地點
Description 詳情
Joy Gene Ku 古鴻勁 gku001@gmai.com
Friday 7:30 PMW148Adults with grown, independent children
Living WaterNicole Dong 董秋燕 qiu8898@yahoo.com
Friday 7:30PM - 10:00PMChurch -- Room N135Young professional, adults with grown, independent children
New Life 新生命團契Peter Li 李軍 lijun.lj@gmail.com
Friday 7:30PM - 9:00PMChurch Room N131Mostly staff and students at the U of M and their families (with newborn/young kids)
Life Spring Campus Fellowship
Yiao Wang 王一澳 wang6962@umn.edu
Xiaoming Fan 范晓明 fxmbg36913691@hotmail.com
Saturday 7:00PM - 9:30PM N138/N139/N140Graduate and college students with a few professionals
研究生, 大學生, 少數專業人士
T4C West Friday 7:00PM - 9:00PMParkers Lake Baptist Church - 14720 County Road 6 Plymouth, MN 55447
West Family Fellowship 西區家庭團契 Cathy Lai 謝若韞 wfamily.fellowship@tcccc.org
2rd Sat of each month 6:00PM (Potluck), 7:15PM - 9:30PM (Topical study & Sharing)Member's home
Most of the members are seniors or adults with grown up children from T4C, T4C West and other metro churches.
AgapeEdward J. Wang 王建華, edward.j.wang@gmail.com
Jim Chang 張景恆, chang2000mn@msn.com
Friday 7:30PM - 9:30PMChurch -- Room N140Mandarin speaking, with various ages and life-stages. Gathering for Bible discussions, sharing, prayer, fellowship and building accountability. Children and teens can attend programs running concurrently at church.
CalebHong zheng 鄭紅zhengh20@hotmail.com2nd Sunday 12:30PM - 2:30PMChurch - Fellowship HallSenior adults and parents of T4C attendees
長者 / 雙城華人教會會眾的父母
Sister'sSeasonal ActivitesTBD
Southwest District 西南區Winston Zheng 鄭序詩 easternflooring@hotmail.com
Saturday, except 3rd Satruday, 7:00-9:30 pm
Wooddale Church, Eden PrairieAdults of all backgrounds 40 to 75 years young
Good News 佳音Zhengnian & Jennifer Tang
Friday 7:30PM - 9:30PMRoom W149Manderine speaking adults who are interested in Gospel.4/1/2017
Last update: August, 2017


Group Name 小組名稱
Contact 聯絡
Meeting Time 聚會時間
Location 聚會地點
Description 詳情
Cantonese Career 就业No regular meeting time 非固定時間聚會Church - Room 103 教會 - 103室Profile: Professionals and Graduate Students 對象:專業人士及研究生
Cantonese Student 学生Max Tse 謝旨行
Fridays 8:00 - 9:30 PM 星期五晚上 8:00 至9:30Church - Rm W143 教會 - W143室Profile: Cantonese speaking students and young adults 對象:粵語學生及青年人
Chong Yuen 狀元Esther Wong estherw27@hotmail.comFridays from 7:30-10:00 pm 星期五晚上 7:30 至10:00 Last Sundays from 5:00-7:30pm 每月最後一週日下午5:00 至 7:30Church -W145(Every Fridays) 教會 - W145室 (星期五晚) Fellowship Hall (Last Sundays) 教會 - 交誼廳 (星期日)Profile: Restaurant workers and non-professionals 對象:餐館業及非專業人士9/18/17
Fung Sing 豐盛Velma Wong velma.wong@gmail.comEvery 4th Saturday of the month 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (including potluck lunch). 每月第四個星期六上午 10:00 至下午1 時T4C - Fellowship Hall 教會 - 交誼廳Profile: Elderly members and friends 對象:年長會友及朋友10/13/2017
Life 生命Tony Wong yuenha@comcast.netFridays 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. 星期五晚上 7:30 至 9:30Church - Room W150 教會 - W150 室Profile: all walks of life over 50
Song of Songs 雅歌
Saiyin and Milk Tong
湯世彥, 劉麗芳 saiyintong@gmail.com,
1st, 2nd, and 4th Sunday 12:20 pm to 1:20 pm
每月第一, 第二及第四個週日上午 12:20 至下午 1:20
3rd Saturday 4:00pm to 5:30pm
每月第三個週六下午 4:00 至下午 5:30
T4C - Rm 145 (Every 1st, 2nd & 4th Sunday)
教會-145(每月第一, 第二及第四個星期日)
T4C - Youth Rm (Every 3rd Saturday)
Profile: Christian couples with young/no children 對象:有年幼小孩/沒有小孩的基督徒夫婦8/6-small groups
8/11-13 Outdoor camping
8/20 - small groups
Grace 加恩Rita Kao 陳聖琪
Flora Chu 朱蘭萍 threemoos@yahoo.com
Fridays 7:30 - 9:30 PM 星期五晚上 7:30 至9:30Church N 138, N 139Profile: Adults with children ranging from newborn to high school 對象:成人 (家有初生至高中的孩童)
South Suburban 南區Sandy Wong sanwong668@gmail.com1st and 3rd Sat of month 2:00-4:00pm 每月第一及第三個星期六下午2:00 至4:00member's home - Apple Valley 團員家Cantonese speaking adults who do not know Jesus or have a heart to study bible in the Southern areas.9-7-2017
CalebShirley Tong2nd Sunday 12:30PM - 2:30PM 每月第二個星期日下午 12:30 至 2:30Church - Dinning Hall 教會 - 餐厅Profile: Senior adults (Cantonese/Mandarin) 對象:年長 (粵語 / 國語)7-7-2017
Sister'sSeasonal ActivitesTBD
Last update: August 2017