NOTE: Changes in Upcoming Meetings and Member Votings

Please note these changes in the communication meetings and voting dates on candidate Robert Tam and on the Terrace Building Design & Costs.  Please plan to attend these meetings. The decisions we make will greatly influence the future direction of the Lord’s church. Most importantly, keep these matters in prayer so together we can discern the Lord’s will for us.

  • 6/14
    • Communication Meeting regarding candidate Robert Tam as our full-time Associate English/Youth minister @ 1pm in the sanctuary
  • 6/21
    • Communication meeting on Terrace Building design & costs
      – Cantonese @ 11:45 am in Fellowship Hall
      – English @ 11:45 am in Rm 212
      – Mandarin @ 12:45 pm in the Sanctuary
      – T4CW @ 3:00 pm in Parker’s Lake Baptist Church
    • Member vote on Robert Tam @ 12:45pm in the Sanctuary (English & Cantonese congregations will join the Mandarin congregation for a brief time to vote)
      • T4CW will vote remotely
  • 6/28
    • Member vote on Terrace Building design & costs @ 1pm in the sanctuary